03/01/2012 06:47 pm ET

Geraldine Ferraro On Being First Female Vice Presidential Candidate (VIDEO)

"I look back and I think, 'It did make a difference.'"

For women who watched Geraldine Ferraro accept her nomination for Vice President of the United States in 1984, it might be hard to believe that there are younger women who have never seen the footage of that event.

Until I watched the video above, I was one of them -- and having watched it, I know how much I was missing. The expressions on the faces of the women in the audience, the degree to which they were moved by Ferraro's candidacy, make it hard to believe that it took 24 years for another woman, Sarah Palin, to appear on a major party's ticket.

Each day in March, Women's History Month, HuffPost Women will run one video spotlighting a women who has made huge contributions to her field and the world at large over the last half century. The videos are part of the online series "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," an initiative from PBS and AOL that will continue through 2012 and culminate in a 3-hour documentary to air on PBS in 2013. (You can access more of the videos right now on the series' website, Makers.com.)

In an election year that has revealed how little some of the most powerful individuals in the U.S. understand or respect women, it seemed fitting to begin by remembering Ferraro and the hope she inspired for a more equitable future.

Throughout the rest of the month look for exclusive interviews with prominent women from Ellen Degeneres to Maya Lin, Hillary Clinton to Judy Blume, all talking about what drives them and inspires them and the legacy they hope to leave.