03/01/2012 01:41 pm ET Updated May 01, 2012

'Muppets' Sequel: Jason Segel Reportedly Won't Write Next Adventure

Life might be a happy song, but there's some sadness in Muppets-land at the moment: Jason Segel won't return as writer for a sequel to "The Muppets," reports Vulture. The reason? Not some nefarious oil baron or member of the Moopets, but rather a busy schedule: Segel has a packed calendar, between his commitments to "How I Met Your Mother" and press duties for "The Five-Year Engagement."

Of course, it isn't all bad news: Segel's frequent partner and "Muppets" co-writer, Nicholas Stoller, and the first film's director, James Bobin, will come back for a part two. Whether the script allows, Segel's character

For his part, Segel seemed less concerned with returning for another "Muppets" feature, and more with bringing the Muppet brand back to the forefront.

"It's not something I'm even thinking about right now," Segel said when asked about a sequel back in November of last year. "I'm still focused on this movie. My big goal was just to re-establish The Muppets where they belonged. From there, everything else is gravy. I just wanted to see The Muppets again the way I remembered them."

[via Vulture]