03/01/2012 08:59 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How Pinterest Can Help You Get Organized

Chances are if you're on Pinterest, the social media site that doubles as a virtual inspiration board, you're addicted. (We know we are!) But it turns out that Pinterest isn't just a fun way to pass time...it can actually organize our lives.

And we're not the only ones. Pinterest helped avid crafter Jennifer Borget organize her craft supplies, and consequently, possibly saved her marriage, according to Today on MSNBC.com. Instead of hoarding things in corners, Jennifer found a craft on Pinterest to help rein in her fabrics, then her ribbons, and now she's looking to organize her daughter's toys.

Along with crafty organization ideas, Pinterest also contains a constantly-updated wealth of cleaning tips and how-tos for anyone who is inclined to seek them out. And, the site's design allows you to categorize your interests by boards and store digital photos. With these very functions, even our favorite Pinners use the photo-sharing site to organize their lives. For example, Natalie Norus of Mint Love Social Club uses her account as a veritable to-do list. She compiles wedding photos so that she can show her photographer what poses she wants to have shot, and she stores free printables so she can use them in the future. "For me, the best part of Pinterest is the new ways people are starting to use it besides the basic 'inspiration board' it started out as," she said.

Further, pinning things from the internet onto boards is a great way to minimize paper clutter. Just ask Centsational Girl's Kate Riley, who said, "Pinterest has changed the way I organize all of my inspiration for DIY ideas and design inspiration -- no more tearing pages out of a magazine to store in binders or losing memory space on my computer by saving images and later forgetting the source."

Pinterest has also made a huge impact on Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel, who is currently working to organize her entire house. "I am an avid believer that when you put energy into creating a vision (on a pin board), it can have a direct and somewhat subconscious impact on helping you achieve your goals," said Rachel, who was inspired by Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann's idea of users visually articulating what they love on his platform. "Articulating, organizing and living -- that is what I am currently striving to work on each day," she said.

So whether you're compiling a virtual to-do list, labeling and grouping inspiration ideas, or actually researching ways to physically cut the clutter in your home, Pinterest can help.

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