Vanity Plates In Los Angeles: We Have 20 Million People And Endless Possibilities For The Best Vanity Plates In The Country (PHOTOS)

In New York, the best indicator of status might be a bag, a coat or shoes -- but in LA, it's always been about the car. Long before we were customizing our gadgets with Kate Spade iPad cases or glow in the dark phone protectors, Angelenos have looked to the VANITY PLATE to set themselves apart from the rest of the masses on the road.

During the month of February, the editors at HuffPost LA hit the streets and photographed some of the very best vanity plates we could find. Our personal favorites are ones that refer to the actual brand of car the plate is on (see: RAG JAG, GAY MINI, DR BENZ) or the part of town the car is spotted in (BH BUM in Beverly Hills). But we aren't stopping there. We want you to submit your own photos when you see a good one - and make sure to add what part of LA you were in.

Now keep your eyes on the road!

HuffPost photos by Sasha Bronner, Lucy Blodgett and Anna Almendrala.