03/02/2012 03:55 pm ET Updated May 02, 2012

'American Horror Story': Zachary Quinto To Return For Season 2

Zachary Quinto will be back as a series regular for "American Horror Story" Season 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Quinto had a scene-stealing four-episode arc on Season 1 of Ryan Murphy's FX thriller as one-half of the gay couple living in the Murder House with the Harmons. But for the second season, which will take place in an East Coast mental institution, Quinto will play someone new.

Jessica Lange is also coming back for more "American Horror Story," as someone entirely new. Quinto will be one of the two males leads in Season 2.

"We have designed the second season of American Horror Story completely around her character," Murphy told EW. "Last year Jessica came in with Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. This will really be the Jessica Lange show so I'm very excited about it. We are designing this amazing new opposite of the Constance character for her."

Two other Season 1 cast members have signed on for new roles for Season 2, but they have not yet been revealed.

However, the biggest mystery has yet to be revealed: Where will the haunting take place? According to Murphy, "American Horror Story" Season 2 will take place on the East Coast and will involve a horrific institution.

"Every season of the show will be a different haunting," Murphy told The Insider via a conference call in December. "What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house and the second season of the show will be a brand new home. Or building to haunt. Just like this year, every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and end."

While Murphy may be moving the setting of Season 2, he left a clue in the last three episodes as to where the second season will take place.