03/02/2012 02:56 pm ET

Christian Louboutin Crazy Horse Cabaret: Sneak Peek! (NSFW VIDEO)

Remember that Christian Louboutin collaboration with Crazy Horse, the Parisian cabaret? It's happening and we've got some preview footage for you.

In the above video, see the famous red-sole designer posing with a gaggle of (NSFW) models, all wearing custom "Crazy Horse" Christian Louboutin booties (which we actually kinda like!). There's some brief footage of the girls dancing (or, more specifically, their feet dancing), but what we like better is the interview with Mr. Louboutin himself.

Not one to waste an opportunity to speak up for his brand, the designer tells the International Business Times what a headache getting constantly ripped off is:

What is the most difficult thing is, when you are exposed in this way, there is this copy arriving, and it takes a lot of my time to actually try to protect myself, and I think it's annoying and I think it's sad, and I think it shouldn't be like that.

Hm, to whom could Christian be referring?

Read more about Louboutin's Crazy Horse show, in honor of his brand's 20 year anniversary, here -- and check out the video above.