03/02/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Mar 02, 2012

Fallon's Late Night Hashtags: 'My Coworker Is Crazy' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon unleashed a new round of his Late Night Hashtags on an unsuspecting public last night. Okay, the public knew about it -- in fact, the public provided Fallon with the tweets, when he solicited his audience to tweet at him stories about insane coworkers using the hashtag #mycoworkeriscrazy.

And it worked. The hashtag became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter that night, and Fallon's staff dug though the thousands to find the best ones. (That's enough to make his coworkers go out of their minds.)

Jimmy read off the best ones, and they delivered. Making work supplies sexual, naming chairs and scientific bathroom stall preferences are some behaviors that will cause you to end up on this list, and maybe a few others. As a bonus, Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins somehow end up on an extended improvisation about Fallon's "famous orange soda chicken."

If you want to tweet about your own crazy coworker, Fallon has made it easy for you. On "Late Night"'s website, they've created a handy Late Night Hashtags widget that allows users to read tweets that didn't make it on the air, read all the tweets, and send their own by syncing with their Twitter account.