03/02/2012 08:11 am ET

Fit Links: Make Morning Workouts Less Miserable, Easy Ways To Eat More Veggies And More

There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we'll introduce you to some that have caught our eye.

You wake up early to get your workout in before your day gets hectic, setting the tone for a day of healthy and smart choices. But when the alarm actually goes off it's a whole different ballgame. Fit Bottomed Girls rounded up some simple ways to make working out in the morning less miserable.

No matter how hard we wish, carrots don't taste like French fries. There are, however, some simple and tasty ways to eat more of the good stuff. Check out these sneaky suggestions for adding more veggies to your meals from FitSugar.

You probably already know that going vegan can have some impressive health benefits. Cutting meat, dairy and fish seems to help people lose weight and lower cholesterol. So what's the secret behind slim, healthy vegan bodies? Well + Good NYC examines whether or not vegans burn more calories.

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Flickr photo by lululemon athletica