03/02/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated Mar 02, 2012

South Beach Moves Up to 3rd In Favorite Spring Break Location Rankings

Miami has moved up the ranks in Spring Break stardom and is now in the top three, keeping company with Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

305'ers can now fairly say they live in the number one party destination the country (take that, Las Vegas!). Celebration, however, depends on how you feel about an annual onslaught of college kids flooding beaches and streets.

The latest rankings come courtesy of STA Travel, a top travel agency for students. According to the Los Angeles Times, Miami -- South Beach in particular -- moved up four rungs on the Spring Break travel ladder from its seventh spot last year.

And put the stereotype of broke college students aside: Spring Break is still a booming industry.

“Despite the economic situation, spring break is still pretty strong because it’s the iconic thing students know they’ll do each year,” STA Travel spokesman Patrick Evans told the Times. “It’s the one area of travel that we haven’t really seen take a hit due to the economy.”

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