03/02/2012 01:14 pm ET

Midwest Tornado 2012: Strangers Helping Strangers

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Nearly half of Harveyville, Kan., was damaged in the tornado that ripped through the Midwest earlier this week. But a battery of volunteers is now helping the town get back on track.

Harveyville's population is normally a mere 300. These days, though, the small town has swelled to 900 -- all mostly out-of-towners.

In a report for MSNBC's Making A Difference, John Yang interviewed a group of strangers who've come together to help the town clean up.

People like Ron Snod -- a retired carpenter and one-time rodeo driver who is helping clean out the debris. "You're working hard out here," Yang said to Snod. The response was modest: "Well that's what we're supposed to do, ain't it?"

Others like Missy, a teacher at a school in Topeka, said: "It doesn't matter whether you know (the victims) or not. It's a small town. It's what you do."

For the town's residents, the outpouring of help has been a blessing. "The response we've had is tremendous. It makes you cry," said one man.

The Huffington Post has created an online resource of how you can help the tornado victims. Click here for more information.