03/03/2012 01:20 pm ET

7 Tips To Help Caregivers Field Their Loved Ones' Toughest Questions

As members of the Sandwich Generation, many Post 50s are taking on a new role; one that requires great mental, emotional and physical strength -- that of a caregiver to an elderly or sick family member or friend.

Whether looking after ill and aging loved ones, caregivers are often faced with difficult questions such as "What happens next?" and "Will I recover?". In order to guide individuals through these intimidating moments, Walter St. John Ed.D wrote "Solace", a new book of practical tactics and tips that provide caregivers with much-needed advice and insight to better navigate the difficult and role of caregiver.

“The subject of chronic illness and the losses that often lead up to it make most people deeply uncomfortable,” says St. John. “We all have the same fears and most of us go through life studiously ignoring them — so when someone looks us in the eye and voices them, we just don’t know what to say.

Whether you have already taken on the role or you are preparing to, here are seven things St. John recommends all caregivers should keep in mind when faced with difficult questions.

7 Tips For Caregivers