03/04/2012 10:01 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2012

Breakover: Huffington Post Divorce, Weddings Editor Sara Wilson Talks HuffPost Video Series

Calling all INDOMITABLE women (with a sense of humor about themselves and life):

Have you ever had an experience you thought would BREAK you, but that turned out instead to be one of the BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED because it launched a complete life transformation?


We’re looking for women of all ages who have reinvented themselves following a MAJOR personal trauma of some kind. We’d like to feature your story in an upcoming Huffington Post video series called BREAKOVER.

Maybe a divorce ripped your life apart—and afterwards you moved across the country and wrote the novel you’d been putting off writing for years.

Maybe you got laid off from your job and launched a rewarding new business —even though you never imagined you could go it alone.

Maybe your life turned upside down for another reason altogether—and in the process you found your new passion.

Whatever happened to kick off your extraordinary personal transformation, it was bad (sickeningly, horribly, and yes, ultimately hilariously bad)—but it took your life in an amazing new direction.

If your Breakover story has guts, humor, and a clear moment of awareness that precipitated your transformation, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

Email breakover@huffingtonpost.com with your NAME, AGE, and the basic details of your Breakover story in under 500 words. **PLEASE INCLUDE THE TOWN OR CITY WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE SUBJECT LINE.**

If we can feature your story in our video series, we'll be in touch. Hope to hear from you soon!