03/04/2012 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Red Moon' Tells A Tale Of A Communist Werewolf (VIDEO)

The fable of the werewolf gets a clever and communist remake in Sirocco Research Labs' "Red Moon," a quirky twist on a horrible tale.

The short film was produced by the creative collective more than a year ago, and released to the public in full on Friday. Official selection at a handful of film festivals, it's been making the rounds at the Atlanta Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival and the 2012 Oxford Film Festival.

"Red Moon" follows the story of Captain Alexei Ovechkin, a captain of a Russian submarine, a Soviet Union devout and a sufferer of lycanthropy. In a valiant effort to escape the torture of murdering people as a wolf and to prove his dedication to his communist state, Ovechkin joins the navy and plunges deep into the sea, away from the terror of the full moon. But due to a series of unfortunate events (damn Americans on their tail), the Captain returns to his hunter ways, and in turn, instigates a reign of terror on the state he loves so much.

The beautifully shot 15 minute short is full of mangy mustaches, kitschy wolf costumes and equally kitschy Russian accents. The spillage of blood comes with red puffs of fabric and puffs of fur. We've never seen bloodshed look so cute.

Watch below for "Red Moon:"

RED MOON from Sirocco Research Labs on Vimeo.