03/05/2012 05:33 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Alex Borrego, Transgender Woman, Turned Away From Bar On Ladies' Night

The owner of Bishop Tavern and Lounge in St. Petersburg, Florida has issued an apology to a transgender woman who was turned away on ladies night, the Associated Press reports.

An employee at the tavern invited Alex Borrego and her friend to celebrate its weekly "ladies night" last Thursday, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Everyone was having a good time until a bouncer approached the pair and told them they weren't allowed to be there.

"You guys don't get to participate because you're dudes," the bouncer reportedly told Borrego and her friend, who is a drag queen.

After a contentious argument with the bouncer, the duo left the bar. Later that night, their friends created a Facebook group raising awareness of the incident, which quickly gained hundreds of followers, according to the Times.

Dean Marshlack, the owner of Bishop Tavern and Lounge, saw the response and quickly issued an apology via the bar's Facebook page.

"We would like to sincerely apologize for this," the apology read. "This event has given us the opportunity to better educate our staff to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience regardless of who you are. A co-owner of Bishop has had thorough conversations with two of those involved."

The Facebook protest page against the Tavern has since been removed and commenters have responded positively to the Tavern's public apology.

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