03/05/2012 01:13 pm ET

Chad Ochocinco Peed On By Lion: Receiver Tweets Bizarre Experience

There is a proverb that says March comes "in like a lion, goes out like a lamb." If that's true then Chad Ochocinco might want to steer clear of all lambs in the last week of the month.

The saying is supposed to describe the tumultuous weather in the month of March, as winter gives way to spring. Surprisingly, it also proved a harbinger of an unexpected shower over the weekend when the veteran wide receiver was caught off guard by a lion.

Ochocinco went out on Saturday night, something he apparently doesn't do often, and took to Twitter to tell his followers that the lion used him as a toilet. We'll let Ochocinco's tweets do the rest:

While attending a charity event is hardly the most unusual environment that Ochocino has found himself, he still managed to find a way to draw attention. During the NFL lockout last year, Ochocinco hopped in a NASCAR car with Jeff Burton and reached 150 to 160 miles per hour. He tried a new sport. He even rode a bull (and earned $10,000).