03/05/2012 02:33 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul & The Best Point Guards In The NBA (VIDEO)

If the Boston Celtics are seriously considering trading point guard Rajon Rondo then they may be hard pressed to land equal value in return, especially if they are looking for another player capable of duplicating his staggering performance against the New York Knicks on Sunday.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, Rondo became just the second player in NBA history to tally at least 18 points, 17 rebounds, and 20 assists in a single game. The only other player to reach those marks was Wilt Chamberlain. Is Wilt on the trading block? If pressed, the Celtics could be forgiven for settling for Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, perhaps the only other two point guards in NBA history who threatened (in their primes) to post such numbers on any given night. After all, Rondo's performance against Jeremy Lin and the Knicks marked the first time that a player posted at least 17 in each of those three statistical categories since Magic managed the trick in 1989.

Despite recording his fourth triple double of the season, ESPN basketball analyst Ric Bucher didn't include Rondo among his "Top 5 Point Guards This Season" during AM episodes of Sportscenter on Monday. Even crazier? Not that many people outside of Massachusetts would likely argue with the list given the current depth at the position. Just before the All-Star break, two-time NBA MVP LeBron James spoke about the direction the league is heading in and said that the NBA is "transforming into a point guard league."

"When you look at Russell Westbrook, you look at the MVP from last year, Derrick Rose, you look at Chris Paul, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash still, Tony Parker's playing at a high level," he said,. "If you just look at it, if you have a really, really good point guard you got a chance to win."

James' words certainly rung true on Sunday, when Rondo's historic triple double may not have even been the most impressive game by a lead guard. Last year's MVP Derrick Rose dropped 35. Chris Paul had a double-double with 28 points and 10 assists. And Deron Williams scored a Nets franchise-record 57 points.

So now we ask you: Who is the best point guard in the NBA? Rondo? Rose? Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook? Or have you been overwhelmed by Linsanity? Scroll down and watch some highlights before deciding who is the best PG in the league.