03/05/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Gold Standard 2012: LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold Hosts Largest LA Food Event

Hosted at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Miracle Mile, LA Weekly's 4th annual Gold Standard on Sunday, March 5th was the foodie event of the year. With over 2,000 people in attendance, 50 of Los Angeles' top restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries sampled their best fare.

Returning restaurants like Bludso's BBQ, Mozza and Starry Kitchen served up some signature dishes, while newcomers like ink., Night + Market and Sotto mixed things up with flavorful meat plates that had people lining up for a taste.

And while attendees were enjoying their samplings, there was an air of concern -- what will happen to the beloved Gold Standard event now that its host, Jonathan Gold, is leaving LA Weekly?

Stephane Bombet of Picca said,

"Very little food festivals in LA have the appeal that the Gold Standard had. Jonathan Gold had managed to create the perfect recipe for a food festival. It always felt prestigious, friendly, fun and very relaxing. You were sure to meet the Who's Who of chefs, bloggers, avid food lovers and food curious. The best of the best is what Jonathan would deliver once a year at his event. Not too big, not too pretentious and not too commercial. We all loved it and we will miss it. But hopefully he creates something even better with the Los Angeles Times."

Time will only tell what will come of the famous Gold Standard event. But one thing's for sure -- "the belly of Los Angeles" certainly left an impact, as expressed by Josh Lurie of FoodGPS:

"Looking around Gold Standard, what impressed me most wasn't the food -- which was good -- it was the people Jonathan has supported over the years, and who continue to support him in return. Some restaurants had been at all four Gold Standards and were regulars on his 99 Essential Restaurants list. That mutual respect clearly runs deep. As a result, there was a real sense of community at the event."