03/05/2012 11:57 am ET

Hoboken St. Patricks Day Parade Switch To Pub Crawl Leads To Fewer Arrests

Following the decision to cancel what would have been the 26th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hoboken, after the mayor moved the event to a weekday in order to avoid the public urination festival that has usually ensued, staunch revelers vowed to continue their right to party with Lepre-Con 2012.

And this past Sunday, party they did with an improvised pub crawl throughout the city. But unlike the previous year, arrests were down at least fifty percent with only 53 people needing ambulance assistance! Could it be? Is the bridge and tunnel crowd actually learning?

Definitely seems like it. Upon the pub crawl's announcement, co-organizer Jamie Darrah said her fellow comrades would promote "responsible" partying with the event's site warning participants be on their "best behavior." Further warnings included:

1. No public drinking; even in a brown bag, just don't risk it

2. No pissing (or god-forbid shitting) in public

3. House parties need to be controlled; If you are hosting one, then read up on all the rules and enforce this

4. Don't act like a jackass

Whether or not partygoers actually heeded the aforementioned advice may never be known, but we're guessing the looming prospect of an amped up $2,000 fine for any open-container violations coupled with extra police presence may have frightened pub crawlers from daring to reenact any past year memories.

Regardless, any individuals who were indeed slapped with summons may want to check out the site's advertised Hoboken criminal attorneys listed just in case.