03/05/2012 04:29 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

'Make My Day Better' Bill For Colorado Businesses Dies In State Senate (UPDATE)

Should Colorado business owners and employees have the right to use deadly force on against suspected intruders? That's exactly what Colorado's "Make My Day Better" bill proposes and what is being considered by the state Senate today.

Ivan Moreno of the Associated Press tweets the "Make My Day Better" bill failed to pass out of the Colorado Senate today:


The state's existing "Make My Day" law already extends protections for homeowners that gun down an intruder, but state Republicans want the law expanded to businesses, according to 7News.

In early February, Republicans passed the bill in the in the House, but as The Denver Post reports, the bill is expected to be voted down in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Colorado Republicans say that people should have the right to protect themselves at work as they do at home, as 9News reports, but opponents of the bill say that the bill goes too far. The Associated Press spoke to Democratic state Rep. Claire Levy when the bill passed in the House who said, "This bill gives business owners a license to kill when nothing is threatened other than property."

Read the full text of House Bill 12-1088 here.