03/06/2012 09:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Now Is Good' Trailer: Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine Star In Somber Film (VIDEO)

The trailer for "Now Is Good" has hit the web, with Dakota Fanning starring as a free-spirited seventeen-year-old battling terminal cancer while falling for Jeremy Irvine of "War Horse" fame.

Based on Jenny Downham's novel "Before I Die," Tessa (Fanning) decides to forgo treatment in order to live her final days to the fullest, and sets out to check off her bucket list by climbing mountains, hopping on the back of motocycles, and losing her virginity to Adam (Irvine).

Reminiscent of 2002's "A Walks To Remember," Fanning brings a pixie cut, British accent, and exactly the right amount of excitement and sadness to the trailer, with Irvine egging her on convincingly.

"Now Is Good," directed by Ol Parker, hits theaters later this year.

WATCH: Trailer for "Now Is Good"