03/05/2012 01:46 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Reinventing Instant Ramen: Reader-Submitted Recipes

We all love the instant ramen out of the packet, sometimes even with the MSG-laden flavor packet (we should know better, right?). Ramen is easily a go-to hunger fix for college students and even busy working adults. But have you ever thought of doctoring your ramen by adding a few vegetables or protein or even tossing out the flavor packet and using your own flavored broth and/or spices? Or have you created something completely out of the ordinary, such as a salad topped with the crunchy, raw noodles?

We reached out to our readers on Facebook and Twitter to find out what they do to doctor up instant ramen -- they've gotten us started, but we want to know your ideas, too! Check out the slideshow below, and then submit your brilliant ideas. It's easy -- just read the instructions below. You can also send a tweet by simply using the hash tag #RamenTweaks. We'll add your tweet to the slideshow below.

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