03/05/2012 08:38 am ET

A Super Tuesday Look Back On A Less-Than-Super Campaign Trail (VIDEO)

Well, folks, it's time for Super Tuesday -- the moment where the race to determine the GOP nominee for president becomes ... well, "Super," anyway.

No, there are not enough delegates at stake this week to really make a definitive case for anyone. And the race is probably going to grind on until May. And there's a good chance that various figures in the Republican firmament will wake up Wednesday insisting the Mitch Daniels or Bobby Jindal should jump in the race. So it's hard to see what's so "super" about it.

Though maybe it is "super," in that if we compare what's to come in the race for the GOP nomination to what's already transpired in the long and terrifying race we've already witnessed, with Herman Cain's hands-iness and Rick Perry's debate gaffes and Donald Trump yelling at everybody about everything. With a process that's been so undignified up until now, it's hardly surprising that so many people think we won't know who the nominee is until the Republican National Convention in Tampa. There, hundreds of delegates -- divided over four candidates -- will stage a fight to the death with rapiers and daggers and fists until the only delegates left standing are the 17 who commit themselves to backing the man who led them to a safe place to hide and wait out the bloodshed: George Pataki.

For a Super Tuesday-week voyage back down memory lane, join HuffPost video producer Sam Wilkes for a historical mashup, which you can view for free, instead of paying Newt Gingrich millions of dollars.

[Video produced by Sam Wilkes]

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