03/05/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Cyber Composer': Aleksey Igudesman's New Gadget For An Old Field (VIDEO)

Occasionally viral videos reassert themselves years after their debut to the world, and seem somehow more applicable. Such is the case with "The Cyber Composer," violinists Aleksey Igudesman's and Sebastian Gurtler's playful commentary on modern entertainment consumption. In the 2008 video, a live performance by the Upper Austrian Youth Orchestra stops, starts, pauses, and resumes not based on the conductor's directions, but according to the whims of a man pressing buttons on a remote control. In a year that's seen "Tweet seats" emerge at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and a YouTube hunt for soloists launch in Pittsburgh, Igudesman's and Gurtler's absurdist vision seems more like an ad than satire. Watch it below, and view more such classically-inspired sketches at Igudesman's site.


[via Atlantic]