03/05/2012 02:52 pm ET

'Dancing Matt' In Tahrir Square: YouTube Star Faces Tough Crowd Amid Egyptian Unrest (VIDEO)

Matt Harding has reached millions over the past few years with his series of now-viral YouTube videos, which feature him doing a signature dance at famous landmarks around the world.

But the 36-year-old dancing phenomenon faced a tough crowd when he took his moves to Cairo's Tahrir Square on Sunday, just days after public outrage erupted over the parliament's decision to lift a travel ban on foreign NGO workers accused of stirring civil unrest.

In the video posted to YouTube Sunday, Matt can be seen climbing atop the square's central roundabout to address a crowd of gatherers, then leading the group in his dance.

But it isn't long before the routine is interrupted by angry objectors. According to Ahram Online, one onlooker could be heard saying that "[Americans] came here to dance and celebrate the release of their NGO workers by our very own authorities."

Undeterred, Matt moved the crowd to a nearby museum and continued the routine, and a large crowd joined in as he filmed two more takes.

"In Egypt people told me I have to come to Tahrir, so I did… I dance with people from the places and they usually help if there is any trouble, like they helped me here," Matt told the crowd, according to Ahram Online. "Today was not easy."

On his Facebook page "Where the Hell is Matt?", the dancer said he's scheduling a second shoot for Monday night.