03/06/2012 11:57 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Armless Photographer: Indonesian Amputee Becomes Snapper

Rusidah Badawi is not your average photographer. The 44-year-old Indonesian woman is a double amputee, having lost both of her arms in a tragic accident when she was only a child. But despite this setback, Badawi is determined to create her own destiny. Currently, she's been working as a wedding and party photographer, like many of her peers across the world. She plans on building her own studio in the near future, and just received a brand new camera to further help her career. Mind you, Badawi works with film, not digital prints, which makes her career even more of a challenge for someone without hands. Watch the TNI video above to see her in action!

Rusidah's husband told International Business Times: "I hope my wife's activities are an example and give motivation to others, who have the same condition as her, to not be pessimistic." He continued, "We know that she has advantages and disadvantages, she can do what normal people do even though she does not have arms like able-bodied people."

Badawi's story is an inspiring one, and acts as a reminder to follow your dreams despite the hurdles that come your way. If we all lived like her, we guarantee the world would be a better, more creative place.

What hurdles have you encountered when you've tried to follow your dreams? Was there anyone who told you that you couldn't do something and you proved them wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.