03/06/2012 07:53 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Toenail Addiction A Big Problem For TLC's Ayanna (VIDEO)

When it comes to trimming toenails, a 54-year-old woman named Ayanna refuses to toe the line.

Ayanna is addicted to growing the nails on her appendages, and the total length on her toes and fingers now measures more than 15 feet, according to Jezebel.

She says the extra length makes her feel sexy, but being a slave to foot fashion is causing undo stress, financially and physically.

For starters, she has to walk on her heels and go up and down stairs sideways to keep her tootsies intact. She also spends $200 a week on mani-pedis and is unable to sleep on her back or wear socks or closed-toe shoes -- even in winter.

Ayanna also has diabetes, but her toenail addiction keeps her from getting exercise to improve her health as she can't run.

To make matters worse, she has a very bad case of toenail fungus.

Ayanna's friend Vincent recently went on the TLC series "My Strange Addiction" in hopes of trying to get her to lick her toenail addiction. In one sequence, he took her to a ballroom dancing class so she could see how her long toenails cut into her social life.

"If she does clip her toenails, it will help her do a lot more," he said hopefully.

At first, it seemed like she was getting the message as her fear of breaking her toenails kept her from doing the moves.

"It's a huge concern of mine that someone will step on my feet," she admitted. "I have had some bad experiences."

During the class, Ayanna had to constantly stop doing moves for fear her nails would get nailed and, ultimately, Vincent finished the class by himself.

"I felt a little awkward," she told the show's producers. "You feel like a little lonely child -- nobody wants to play with you."

But the sadness of being left out fails to get her to kick the habit, the Daily Mail reported. At a climactic point of the episode, Vincent tried to goad her into cutting off her nails to no avail.

"They are 50 percent of who I am," she said. "I will absolutely not cut them."