03/06/2012 09:05 am ET Updated May 06, 2012

Ayesha Olivia Niles Sentenced Over 30 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Cake Mix Boxes At Miami International Airport

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A British teen arrested at Miami International Airport with 30 pounds of cocaine hidden in 24 boxes of cake mix pled guilty to cocaine trafficking and conspiracy on Monday.

Ayesha Olivia Niles, who turned 18 three days after her October 21 arrest, received 364 days in jail from a judge who sentenced her as a first-time youth offender, attorney Robert Lamons told NBCMiami.

The London student will get time served from the time spent in jail after she was taken into custody following a flight from Jamaica. Authorities found the cocaine when Niles was selected for inspection from a customs line, surprising investigators with a rather elementary method of smuggling.

"Because of the enhanced screening at the airport, it's rare to get people transporting that much drugs, let alone a girl that young," Miami-Dade Police narcotics officer Maj. Charles Nanney told the Miami Herald in October.

Stranger still is the chance to forego all the delicious cake she could have made. Niles told police she did not know what the substance was that she was transporting, according to a Miami-Dade Police report, but "she suspected that the activity she was involved in was suspicious but she did not question it."

According to the Miami Herald, Niles will be deported when her sentence is served.