03/06/2012 04:04 pm ET

'Basketball Wives': Evelyn Talks About Being With Chad Ochocinco (VIDEO)

During last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” Chad Ochocinco and his fiancée Evelyn Lozada discussed Chad’s ability to staying committed in their relationship. This week Evelyn reached out to fellow castmate Tami Roman who offered insight on the couple’s discussion.

“Chad is an athlete, so it’s certain things that come with that world,” she explained to Evelyn. “The man is not going to live like he’s a hermit. He’s going to have lady friends, he’s going to be out, he’s going to have phone numbers, he’s going to interact with other women. That’s just being realistic. Not that he’s cheating.”

Lozada took heed to Tami’s and replied; “I know that he has female friends. Chad thinks he’s a therapist for everybody…but he has this big personality and that just how he is.”

Check out the clip in its entirety above.