03/06/2012 02:51 pm ET

Boy May Lose Eye In Crossbow Accident: Saila Sao, Rhode Island Boy, Shot With Dart

A 10-year-old Rhode Island boy could lose one of his eyes after suffering an accidental crossbow shot to the face.

Kosal Ek, 27, said he was showing young Saila Sao how to use the weapon early last Sunday morning when it fired an inadvertent shot, sending a dart straight through the boy's eye, the Providence Journal reported. Ek was using the crossbow to shoot darts at a dart board.

Saila Sao pulled the dart out before emergency medical professionals arrived at his house. Doctors said that the object may have penetrated the boy's brain, according to WCVB.

The boy's father, Sambo Sao, said he was asleep during the accident.

"He just cried a little bit and then he said it hurts," Sambo Sao told WHDH.

The father said Ek is a family friend and that he knows that the injury was an accident.

"I'm mad but I don't know what to do," he said.

Sailo Sao is recovering at Hasbro Children's Hospital where he is reportedly in good condition.

Kosal Ek is charged with firing a weapon in a compact area, WPRO reports.