03/06/2012 06:58 pm ET

"I'm Glad I Put My Career First Before Having Kids"

Yesterday The Daily Mail ran a story titled "The Women Who Wish They Hadn't Left It So Late To Start A Family." The article is filled with multiple women's experiences with regretting putting their career before settling down and having a family and some of the stories were truly upsetting. The older mothers had to deal with husbands dying while they had two babies at home, miscarriages and just feeling old next to the other younger moms. But just blaming the choice to have a family later in life all on your career seems a little too simple. As Bethenny Frankel said in a recent interview with Forbes, "It would be easy for me to blame the career path on why I had children so late, but it’s honestly not true. I could have had kids 10 years ago but I hadn’t met the right person and I didn’t feel it was the right time. I didn’t have the financial means to do it so I just kept going on with my life." Careers can contribute to the decision to put off having kids but there are other factors and we talked to women who were glad they put their careers before having kids.

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