03/06/2012 01:53 pm ET

Christie Brinkley A 'Second-Rate Celebrity Starved For Attention,' Says Ex-Husband Peter Cook

In case you hadn't been following, Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook's long, arduous divorce battle is still slogging on and getting uglier by the day.

The model and her architect husband split in 2008 but have been trading barbs and court papers ever since. The latest skirmish: in a statement on Sunday, Cook's attorney called 58-year-old Brinkley "a second-rate celebrity starved for attention."

The statement is just the next step in a back-and-forth fight begun in November, when Brinkley filed a motion seeking fines for Cook's "inflammatory communications," i.e. bullying her via abusive emails.

The model's rep, Matthew Hiltzik, told the New York Daily News, "Christie quietly filed four months ago, to stop the intimidation and ongoing smear campaign she's been subjected to since her divorce."

But Cook feels like he's been subjected to the same bullying, filing a cross motion on February 24 accusing Brinkley of smearing him to the press to generate publicity for herself (his exact words were "narcissistic egomaniac").

In Sunday's statement, James Winkler, Cook's attorney, described Brinkley as "a calculating vindictive woman who uses her smiley looks, a creative PR team and antagonistic lawyers to hide her truly mean-spirited nature.”

He added, “Now she is attempting to line her pockets by picking his."

Four years after the divorce and things seem to have gotten worse, not better. At least Brinkley's still got a few high-profile gigs to keep her distracted: she walked (and tripped) on the runway during New York Fashion Week and will appear on Broadway in "Chicago" for the second time beginning next month.

We're guessing Cook won't be in the audience. Read more at and for more details.