03/06/2012 06:41 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2012

France Avalanche Destroys Ski Lift At Savoie Resort (VIDEO)

Skiers got more than a slalom run at a ski resort in the Savoie region of France on Sunday, according to the BBC, in the form of an avalanche that wiped out lifts on the St. Francois Longchamp mountain.

The Telegraph reports that no injuries stemmed from the snow cascade, but a few skiers left hanging in mid-air had to be rescued by helicopter.

Several amateur videos uploaded to YouTube captured the ordeal, with one taken from the lift, featuring boys and girls screaming "We're going to die," according to The Herald Sun. Another video shot from the bottom of the mountain showed charging snow claiming everything in its path, and a third showed a man working his way along the lift wire to complete a rescue.

According to The Telegraph, a ski-lift operator shut down the lift as soon as she saw the chaos, preventing further injuries.

"There was the risk of another avalanche," Captain Cyril Anceau, CRS Alps commander, told French broadcaster M6. "We wanted to avoid bringing the people down on the ground to stop them being swept way by another avalanche."