03/06/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Jose Santiago, Murder Suspect, Attacked In Court By Alleged Victim Jessica Rojas' Family (VIDEO)

Relatives of a mother of four who was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend tried to attack the suspected killer in court yesterday.

The melee in a courtroom in Springfield, Mass., was caught on camera and began moments after guards brought in murder suspect Jose Santiago for his arraignment.

It's unclear what started the ruckus, but the footage shows several guards trying to restrain a man in the audience a few feet from Santiago, 30. A moment later the camera cuts to another man landing a punch on Santiago, who appears doubled over or perhaps was trying to avoid the blow.

One guard puts the man who threw the punch in a headlock. With the help of two other officers, they wrestle this man to the ground. One sits on the man's back and handcuffs him.

Guards escorted Santiago out of the room and delayed his appearance until order was restored. He later pleaded not guilty to stabbing his girlfriend, Jessica Rojas, 25, after celebrating her birthday on Friday.

The two men accused of starting the brawl were later identified as Kenneth Soto and Edwin Rojas. Police said one was Rojas' father and the other was her stepfather, but they didn't specify who was the biological relative.

The pair were arrested and charged with disrupting court and assault and battery of a court officer, the Springfield Republican reported.