03/06/2012 07:17 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins: Virginia Primary Results 2012

Mitt Romney was projected the winner of the Virginia primary by NBC News. Only Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) qualified for the ballot.

Romney was heavily favored to win the contest going into Super Tuesday.

HuffPost's Emily Swanson reported that early exit polls showed Romney leading in all five of Virginia's regions, which could bode well for the former Massachusetts governor:

Romney leads in all five regions of the state broken down by the exit poll, and in four of the five regions he leads by more than 60 percent.

This suggests Romney has a chance of winning each congressional district in the state. Delegate counts in Virginia are partially determined by the winners of the congressional districts, so winning the state, plus each district, could give Romney a sweep of delegates in the state. Paul's strongest performance was in the Richmond area/Eastern Virginia, where he received 44 percent of the vote, according to the exit polls.

County-by-county results can be seen here.

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