03/06/2012 01:20 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Sarah Jones: 'Alcatraz' Star Reveals The Biggest Surprise About J.J. Abrams, Her Tendency To Overanalyze & More: MY LA (PHOTOS)

The Oscars are over, and nowadays, it's all about television anyway. Just look at "Homeland," "Downton Abbey" and "Boardwalk Empire."

And if you're in the world of TV, some major notches on your belt might include getting your mug on HBO or working with superstar J.J. Abrams. Actress Sarah Jones has done both. She has worked on "Sons Of Anarchy," "Big Love," and the shockingly-canceled-because-it-was-so-good show, "Lonestar." She's from Florida but lives on the east side of LA, and according to those who know her, isn't exactly the girl next door. She's more indie, she tells it like it is, and reportedly wants to bring back the 'broad with a heart of gold' vibe to Hollywood. Now with the leading role on FOX's "Alcatraz," Jones spends her time playing a San Francisco detective assigned to a mysterious homicide case involving an Alcatraz inmate.

But things aren't always as they seem in Hollywood. "Alcatraz," takes place at the infamous prison in the Bay Area, but it's really shot in Vancouver. Sarah Jones is the star female of the show, but she really moved to LA to be a dancer. The Huffington Post caught up with the actress at the end of her debut season with "Alcatraz" to find out where she eats, what she watches and just how she ended up here.

Check out gorgeous photos and the Q&A in the slides below: