03/06/2012 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sufjan Stevens' Newest Project s/s/s Releases 'Museum Day' (AUDIO)

Baroque pop musician Sufjan Stevens has once again lent his unique mastery to the world of hip hop. His newest project s/s/s with Son Lux and rapper Serengeti released "Museum Day," the first song off their upcoming EP Beak & Claw.

Stevens has previously dipped into the world of hip hip with his production and appearance on The Roots' undun, and Buch 65's remix of "You are the Blood" on 2009's Dark Was The Night.

"Museum Day" is a slow jam, heavy on the autotune with futuristic electronic beats, reminiscent of Stevens' last album The Age of Adz. Serengeti's rhymes are more spoken word than rap, his matter-of-fact style not overwhelming the borderline overproduced song.

Though on there verge of excessive, "Museum Day" is six minutes of music not far from what we'd expect from Stevens -- experimental and beautiful.

Beak & Claw is set to be released on March 20 on Anticon records.

Listen to "Museum Day:"