03/07/2012 10:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beach House: 'Myth' Off 'Bloom,' Their Rumored Next Album (AUDIO)

Earlier this year, reports that the indie poppers of Beach House would be putting out a followup to 2010's acclaimed Teen Dream were almost immediately retracted. Sub Pop, the label that scooped the Baltimore duo up in 2009, wouldn't confirm anything, and the track list, album name (Bloom) and release date (May 15) that had appeared in the original, swiftly deleted post by Exclaim lived on in the ether, unconfirmed.

Now there's something like confirmation -- a dreamy new song called "Myth" posted by the band to their website. As the mysterious track list of February had "Myth" as track 01, we're betting May 15 will bring the other 9. Stream the track below. We've posted the full track list after the jump.


01 Myth
02 Wild
03 Lazuli
04 Other People
05 The Hours
06 Troublemaker
07 New Year
08 Wishes
09 On the Sea
10 Irene

[via Pitchfork]