03/07/2012 09:26 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Behind The Scenes At Etsy (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how it all started for Etsy? One of the biggest online marketplaces for DIY home furnishings, handmade crafts and vintage finds, Etsy actually started out with very humble beginnings.

Founded by Rob Kalin, Etsy was a venture originally launched by Kalin and two friends (and several cats) in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Kalin, who was building furniture at the time couldn't find a marketplace to sell his pieces, so he decided to create one where he and others like him could show off their goods. And that's how Etsy was born.

We'll admit that it didn't really occur to us that Etsy could've started out as a small personal project, considering the millions of DIY-loving users on there now. And it's almost difficult for us to remember what it was like before Etsy shops were around to fill our need for unique home finds and quirky accessories that can't be found in normal offline shops. And as avid fans of Etsy, what we're most impressed by is how the site hasn't lost sight of its original purpose to provide a place for people to share their handmade and handcrafted goods among like-minded people.

What do you think about Etsy and how it has grown since its early days as a three-man company? Let us know in comments.

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