03/07/2012 01:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan On Vanity Plates In Los Angeles (VIDEO)

While we were absolutely tickled to see Conan O'Brien riffing on our "Best Vanity Plates In LA" slideshow, we're a little puzzled about why he didn't give us any credit for using a photo that HuffPost LA editor Sasha Bronner took.

What gives, Conan? The Huffington Post loves featuring your show, and HuffPost LA has been very supportive of your repeated attempts to re-name a local street in your honor.

Next time, give credit where credit is due. We can't all be TBS stars! And don't even get us started on that "AOL USER" license plate dig...

(Here's our photo on Conan's show)

(And here it is in our slideshow)