03/07/2012 08:10 pm ET

New iPad Announcement: Twitterers React To Apple's News (SLIDESHOW)

After months of speculation, the rumors have been put to rest: Apple announced its new iPad today, and everyone is talking about it.

Twitter exploded after Apple unveiled the "New iPad" -- it's called the iPad, plain and simple, not the iPad 3 or iPad HD -- as users dished their two cents about the new product, from its high-res retina display to 4G LTE capabilities. What are users to make of all these delicious new features? We took to the tweets to find out.

The reactions seem an equal mix negative and positive, but for the most part, tweeps just had a lot of fun poking at the unoriginal product naming.

Find more details and photos from the Apple announcement here, or see how Twitter rated Tim Cook's performance at the announcement event today.

What do you think about the new iPad? Add your own thoughts and Twitter reactions below.