03/07/2012 02:01 pm ET

Sofia Vergara Receives A Comedy Award Nomination For Her Role In 'Modern Family'

We can't get enough of Sofia Vergara.

The louder she yells, the funnier she gets. And, we're not the only ones taking notice.

Vergara received a nomination on Tuesday morning for a 2012 Comedy Award for her role as 'Gloria' on the hit TV show "Modern Family" on ABC. She is nominated under the category "Best Performance By An Actress--TV."

The Colombian actress is competing for the award against big time comedy actresses.

Nominations under her same category went to Tina Fey for her role in “30 Rock”, Amy Poehler for her role in “Parks and Recreation”, Kristen Wiig for her role in “Saturday Night Live” and newcomer Zooey Deschanel for her role in "New Girl."

"Modern Family" took the award last year for best TV series. This year it receives it's second nomination alongside "30 Rock," “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, "Happy Endings" and "Parks and Recreation."

You can find the complete list of nominees for the comedy awards right here.

As for Vergara, it looks like "Modern Family" might only be the start of her comedic career.

The Colombian actress might land a supporting role in the indie comedy film "Fading Gigolo" directed by John Turturro. If she signs, Vergara would play the role of the bored housewife on the prowl for more exciting bedfellows. She would co-star next to Hollywood legends, Woody Allen and Sharon Stone.

We might love her on our TV screen, but check out all of the other roles she plays in her life:

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