03/07/2012 05:18 pm ET

Solar Flare Could Disrupt Power Grid, Satellites (VIDEO)

A solar flare that erupted Tuesday and will likely hit Earth as soon as Thursday could prove to be a nuisance for communications and electrical systems. reports that the solar storm caused by this month's massive flare could interfere with satellites in orbit as well as power grids on Earth. What's more, MSNBC notes that some GPS systems could encounter problems as a result of the solar weather.

Additionally, airplanes flying over the polar ice caps may encounter "communications issues" caused by the flare, Joseph Kunches, a space weather scientist, told

The sun is going through an "active phase" of its 11-year weather cycle, previously reported. The cycle is supposed to peak in 2013, according to NASA officials.

h/t: Craig Kanalley

WATCH: a report on the solar flare below: