03/07/2012 12:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Virgilio Villoresi's 'Fine' Tells The Story Of A Soldier With Just A Hand (VIDEO)

Virgilio Villoresi's short film "Fine" tells the story of the birth, life and death of a solider; all through his hand.

Villoresi is an Italian artist, often focusing in puppetry, playful figurines and stop motion. His latest story "Fine" is a clever take on a frequently told tale. Though the circle of life and the military are often touched upon in storytelling, Villoresi adds a twist to it. Using his hand as the main star, the artist crudely painted costumes and scenery onto his appendage to depict the soldier from birth to death.

Watch below for Virgilio Villoresi's "Fine:"

Fine by Virgilio Villoresi from Virgilio Villoresi on Vimeo.