03/07/2012 03:15 pm ET

9 Wardrobe Mistakes And What They Say About You

Are you a compulsive shopper with a closet full of still-tagged sale items? Do you frequently open your dresser and groan because you "have nothing to wear?" Have you ever swapped clothes with your teenage daughter to try to stay with it? If so, you may be guilty of one of the cardinal wardrobe sins-and your faux pas might say more about you than you realize.

"Your clothes reflect how you feel at the moment," says clinical psychologist and wardrobe consultant Jennifer Baumgartner, the author of upcoming You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You. "We critically examine all types of behaviors-from sex to eating and exercise-but oftentimes blow off clothing as superficial. In fact, the inner self and the external environment impact each other and are in constant communication. What you wear can be an indicator of what’s going on internally."

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