03/08/2012 07:55 am ET

Bettina Inclan, Republican Director Of Hispanic Outreach, Says 'It's Far From Over' (VIDEO)

Republican National Committee Director of Hispanic Outreach, Bettina Inclan, appeared on FOX News yesterday to speak about the results of a Latino poll released this week.

The national FOX News Latino poll, produced with the help of Latin Insights, revealed that Latino voters prefer President Barack Obama to any other Republican candidate with a six-to-one margin.

Speaking to the first poll presented, which showed that 58 percent of Latinos approve of what President Obama is doing with the economy, Inclan dismissed the numbers.

"This poll is just a snapshot in time and it’s a lot about hypotheticals of different candidates," Inclan said. "This election season is far from over."

This year's presidential election is about the economy, Inclan said. After all, Latino voters ranked jobs and the economy above immigration as the important election issues in the FOX poll.

For this reason, Inclan thinks that the Republicans are going to do great against President Obama.

"The Republicans have a great message and I think Obama has failed on the economy, gas prices are higher, Hispanic unemployment is up [and] Hispanics have a high amount of foreclosures."

The FOX news anchorman took the opposing side of the argument and stated that President Obama has a clear advantage with Latino voters, as seen in this week's poll.

However, Inclan is not deterred by the polling numbers, concluding, "The Republicans are going to do very well in November."

Check out video above to see what Inclan said about immigration.