03/08/2012 09:40 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

How To Recreate The TV Kitchen From 'Brothers & Sisters'

Everyone, at one time or another, dreams of their ideal kitchen -- a place where everything is laid out and planned perfectly, containing all the appliances you could ever want, a huge pantry, and the perfect color scheme and style. Our new series covers the kitchens that have inspired us from TV shows and movies, showing you how to recreate the look in your own kitchen. See all our dream kitchens.

If you've ever watched the TV show "Brothers & Sisters," it's likely you fell in love with the set's kitchen. Even though the show was cancelled last year, its set design still continues to haunt many of the show's fans. Just search "Brothers and Sisters kitchen" on Google and you'll find that fans have been looking for the items that resemble those on the set of the TV show, down to the last detail. Message boards, blogs and web sites have been writing about the kitchen design ever since the show first aired in 2006.

If you love matriarch Nora's kitchen from "Brothers & Sisters" as much as we do, we've got you all set with products and items taken directly from or inspired by the set. Click through the gallery below to see our finds.

Set images from ABC and Hooked on Houses.

What's your dream kitchen from TV or movies? Let us know in the comments below.

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