03/08/2012 02:17 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Celebrities In Glasses: Can You Guess Who's Who? (PHOTOS)

Aside from Woody Allen and other champions of the thick-framed look, the public isn't used to seeing bespectacled celebs. Eyewear is often the accessorized equivalent of an objecting hand in the faces of paparazzi: it says, "Please let me run my errands in peace."

But thanks to L.A. Eyeworks and other designer glasses companies, eyewear is becoming less shady and more chic.

Photographer Greg Gorman has been making ads for L.A. Eyeworks for over thirty years, snapping shots of Mickey Rourke, Meryl Streep and Whoopi Goldberg donning specks. The black-and-white photos, cataloged in a new book, "Greg Gorman: Framed" [Damiani, $50.00], are given a modern edge with high-contrast lighting and sassy poses.

So put on your reading glasses and take a closer look at these four-eyed celebrities. Can you guess who is who?