03/08/2012 03:58 pm ET

Difficult Dealings In The D: What Two Gals Dealt With To Buy

Work is underway at the home that two current Colorado residents purchased for $24,500 so that they could ditch the west and make a life in Detroit. Enjoy the dumpster-adorned shots taken yesterday as the building gets gutted and expect good things: in this couple of two lovely ladies one is an Architect. They estimate it will take $65,000 to get it habitable so clearly, the home has seen better days. In fact it used to be owned by famous composer Arthur Herzog, Jr., who is known for working with Billie Holiday. Unfortunately, the current owners did not have an awesomely famous seller to buy this from; they had to deal with a company in Florida. Most of what they learned about the sellers came from small talk at the first closing they had scheduled (where they failed to close). The Florida-based investors got into Detroit home buying to supplement their retirement. They met some guy at a convention in Las Vegas that was operating a similar business in that market, and that's where they got they idea.

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