03/08/2012 01:01 pm ET Updated May 08, 2012

Fox News' Ed Henry Responds To Clash With Obama (VIDEO)

Fox News' Ed Henry weighed in on his testy clash with President Obama at a recent White House press conference, joking on Thursday that their relationship has reached new lows.

At Tuesday's White House press conference, Henry said that the President's critics would charge that he wanted gas prices to increase, and asked Obama to respond. Obama answered with annoyance and derision. It was not the first time that the two clashed.

Speaking to Fox Business' Don Imus on Thursday, Henry joked about the smackdown. "I think my relationship with the President has gotten so chilly, that it’s almost reached the level of what it’s like when you go to Cavuto’s house for a summer cookout," Henry said. He was referring to Imus' on-air exchanges with fellow host Neil Cavuto.

"The President is gonna answer how he wants to answer," Henry said, adding his view on partisanship in the media.

He said that he remembered when President Bush would respond to reporters in a similar fashion. "Liberals would be kind of like cheering it on and saying, 'Boy, did you see how thin skinned President Bush is? He never answers your question,'" Henry continued. "Same thing happens with President Obama and they say the opposite, so it's kind of interesting."

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