03/08/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Three Homeless Men Help Broward Sheriff's Officer Subdue Violent Suspect Patrick Davis (WATCH)

Three homeless men helped a Broward Sheriff's officer subdue a suspect in a Pompano Beach McDonald's after a violent scuffle.

Patrick Davis, 27, tried to steal another man's backpack on Saturday around 8 a.m., police say. When Deputy Kevin Meyer arrived, Davis was trying to exit the restaurant with a metal rod in his hand.

But when Meyer attempted to handcuff Davis, Davis lifted the deputy on his shoulder and flipped him on his back with what Meyer described as "super strength," according to BSO officials. Watch the intense action in the above video.

The deputy’s glasses were knocked off, his radio microphone came off, and his handcuffs fell on the floor. Peter Finch, Jose Ramos, and Carmello Maldonade, three homeless men who were inside the McDonald's, came to Meyer's aid.

Finch grabbed Davis' feet and Ramos helped hold him down while Meyer was able to cuff and secure Davis. But Davis still wasn't done resisting: once inside the police car, he kicked out the window and tried to escape.

Davis is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction with violence, criminal mischief, depriving an officer of means of communication, attempted escape, and robbery with a weapon because of the metal rod he was carrying. He is being held without bond in Broward County Jail on the charges above and two outstanding cocaine offenses.

Authorities said Meyer sustained bruised ribs and other minor injuries.